Design Consultancy Services

Interior Design - Creating Functional and Beautiful Living Spaces

Looking for a redesign or renovation project but not quite sure where to start? Our interior design services may be just what you need. We specialise in creating unique, playful, and modern spaces that are both functional and visually stunning.

Our consultation services are designed to help you tackle any design issues you may have, whether it's specific room schemes or general advice on your space. We offer a 60-minute consultation service where we can help address any issues you're unsure about or need advice on, along with our specific room schemes where we deal with key challenges such as furniture layouts, window treatments, flooring, lighting, paint colours, and more.

Why work with us?
Our style is modern, playful, and calming, with a focus on bringing character and personality into your home. We have years of experience designing schemes that optimise the use of beautiful fabrics, patterns, and a fusion of both new and old pieces.

How does it work?

  • Email us with your enquiry
  • We'll recommend the best service for you.
  • Book in your 60-minute consultation with Millie.
  • After a follow up after the consultation we will provide you with detailed room schemes, colour palettes, floor plans, shopping suggestions, and more.
  • You gain the tools you need to make the changes you're after.

If you'd like help implementing the designs, we can then offer further services.

Is it for me?

  • Expert insight and a fresh perspective on your space.
  • Avoid classic and costly home decorating mistakes.
  • Reduce decision-making fatigue.
  • Access to a wider range of suppliers.

Consultation Call - 60 minutes
This relaxed, 60-minute call is an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about interior design challenges in your home. The call will be followed up with an email summary of the topics we spoke about.

Specific Room Schemes/Furniture Layouts:
These room-specific services start with a 60-minute in-person or online consultation and include the following post-consultation:

  • A floor plan with suggested furniture layout
  • Detailed design mood board with key furniture and fabric selections
  • Colour palette/paint suggestions
  • Shopping list along with suggested art & accessories
  • Guide to window treatment and flooring
  • Lighting ideas

(Does not include detailed designs for electrics/plumbing or any built-in joinery)

Fees (depends on size of room and scope of work)