Green Card Honeycomb Ball Decoration

Green Card Honeycomb Ball Decoration

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Honeycomb hanging decorations are a great way to add a pop of colour and detail to any occasion, from intimate dinner parties to big birthday celebrations. In a gorgeous dark green shade, this honeycomb ball is part of our wider collection of honeycomb decorations.

Size: 15cm
Pack size: 1 Honeycomb ball

How to merchandise this 'Green Card Honeycomb Ball Decoration’:
Simply display this honeycomb ball with other hanging decorations or alongside other sizes and colours of our honeycomb decorations to give your customer the option to mix and match and achieve their desired theme.

How to dispose of this 'Green Card Honeycomb Ball Decoration':
Made from card, this honeycomb decoration is sturdy and designed to last. Customers can store away and bring them back out for celebrations all year round. But should you need to, you can recycle the ball by simply removing the magnet and recycling at home. The packaging is also recyclable.

Product: Widely Recycled, remove magnet
Packaging: Widely Recycled